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"Night Shift"

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SMT Stencil turned into art. 

One late night, up in my building, just thinking about work, I decided to take a break. 

This was the inspiration of this beautiful and simple art piece. Enjoy the night, enjoy the clouds... just enjoy.
  • Breathing vitality into scrap

    In the warehouse, discarded industrial materials find new life as captivating works of art. Amongst the clang of machinery and the scent paint, creativity flourishes, transforming forgotten scraps into pieces that captivate and inspire.

  • Thank you

    With evey purchase you are helping the planet to solve the industrial waste problem and giving kids the opporunity to expand their creativity in a sustainable way in Amerca.

We are looking into the future

For a better word, Using technology as our medium to create art


We do greatly appreciate all our investors.

Evey time you buy one of our masterpieces, you are helping to reach more people and institutions to make a greater positive change on the planet.

Art Innovation

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